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We are a small 40-seat, family, scratch kitchen boutique-style restaurant and it is our desire to bring you a warm and welcoming dining experience.  Circa June 2001.  My favorite place is behind the stove preparing your meals and creating new fare, and meeting new customers when I can.

I strive to keep our menus fresh and updated for every season, white rotating customer favorites as well.  We source local products as much as possible, and it is my belief that real food is the best food and I cook what I love to eat.

Dinner features various entrees including wild salmon, Certified Black Angus steaks, and varying starters, salads and desserts (dessert is my favorite meal of the day). There is a heavy emphasis on both Italian and French fare, along with my love of comfort food.  I do my best to provide wines that are of good quality, are affordable and approachable for those with a great wine vocabulary and those who are just starting to explore the world of wines.

We are located in the heart of the historic St. Helen’s area in the Historic Passages Building, once the first Opera House in Tacoma.  In fact our space in the building was once the back stage.  Historically our street was called Court C, and now has been renamed Opera Alley, as a testament to the history of Tacoma, as well as the developers and pioneers of the revitalization of Downtown Tacoma.

We love it here.

Please say hi and let me know how we are doing!


Turn in to the Alley and experience a truly unique fine dining experience in an atmosphere of understated elegance. “Cafe” —  An unpretentious restaurant.

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