The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb

Dinner Menu

Served  4:30 to closing

As a small, family boutique-style restaurant, it is our desire to bring you a warm and welcoming dining experience. We strive to keep our menu fresh and approachable, and source local products as much as possible. Please let us know how we are doing.

Please note that for parties over 8 we require one check and automatic gratuity. Single entree’ split $3. Because we are a small, scratch kitchen, in order to ensure everyone’s food is timely and consistent, no substitutions can be made. Thank you

Starters and small plates

 Wild rice crab cakes with shallots, red bell pepper, lemon, cumin and crushed red pepper. remoulade.  $17

 Croutes de Fromage –  Gruyere cheese melted between slices of artisan sourdough bread soaked in a sweet white wine sauce. apricot marmalade.  $14

Roasted red bell pepper, baked with scallops, basil pistou and garlic, then topped with parmesan. $15 (gf)

Antipasto Caprese salad with fresh sliced mozzarella balls, sliced vine-ripened tomato and basil, finished with balsamic reduction. $14 (gf)

Clams and spicy Italian sausage. sauteed garlic, shallots, roma tomato, red bell pepper, red chili pepper. lemon, white wine and coconut milk.  $15 (gf)

 Soup de jour

Crab bisque with tarragon – cup $5 & bowl $9


 Caesar salad with our own caesar dressing, grated parmesan, prosciutto and homemade croutons.  $8

Arugula and fennel salad with grannysmith apple, apple cider vinaigrette. $8

 Wedge salad with our creamy blue cheese dressing, sliced red onion, roma tomato, crumbled bacon and blue cheese crumbles. $9

Red and golden beet salad with crumbled chèvre & sweetened pecans, over mixed greens. mandarin orange and tarragon vinaigrette. $9


Baked artisan sourdough available upon request.  Split entree fee – $3.  Served with side of the day and vegetable of the day.

*Duck breast; two breasts rendered. granny smith apple and port reduction with cherries, thyme.  $36  (gf)

*New York Steak 10 oz, Certified Angus Beef ™ (Less than 1.5% of beef achieves the high standards of Certified Angus Beef brand Prime)  with a light drizzle of our worcestershire and garlic sauce and finished with melted tarragon butter. $38 (gf)

*Wild Pacific King salmon filet in a white balsamic glaze with onion, garlic and crushed red pepper flakes and finished with lime, cilantro and scallion butter sauce. $31 (gf)

Chicken breast (naturally raised, no hormones), pan seared. finished in a sauce of sautéed tomato, button mushroom, red onion, basil and garlic with balsamic vinegar. fresh basil and parmesan. $24 (gf option)

Wild line caught ling cod finished in our sauce of tomato, zucchini, carrot, onion and garlic with red pepper, turmeric, cayenne and paprika; capers. full of flavors$ $26 (gf)

*Two 5-oz bone in center cut pork chops, pan seared, and topped with our warm spinach chimichurri with spicy Italian sausage, artichoke hearts, Italian parsley, oregano, garlic and scallions. $27 (gf)

 Pasta & “In the Bowl” Meals

Braised short rib ragu, slow cooked with red wine, carrot, celery, garlic an onion, seasoned with bay leaf and thyme, finished with a touch of cream and served over rigatoni. parmesan and basil.  $29

Cioppino; hearty seafood stew. tomato, yellow onion, clam nectar with shrimp, calamari, mussels, wild pacific salmon, ling cod and bay scallops. parmesan & basil. $26 (gf)

Lobster & cognac, oyster mushroom and spring pea “Mac & Cheese.” shallots, thyme, tarragon, nutmeg, cayenne. cream. penne pasta. gruyere and parmesan. housemate croutons. baked. $27

Sharp cheddar sone ground creamy cheese grits. sautéed shrimp in a sauce of white wine, paprika, a touch of cayenne, celery, shallots and butter.  Maple bourbon bacon jam and scallion. $26 (gf)

Zucchini lasagna, “pasta-less.”  Thick tomato, red onion and mushroom sauce with sausage of veal, pork and chuck with andouille.  sliced zucchini, Monterey Jack, Sharp Cheddar & Parmesan. basil pistou.  $24 (gf)

Spring-in-to-Summer vegetarian ratatouille with onion, garlic, eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash, green and yellow bell pepper and roma tomato, finished with parmesan, parsley and thyme. $19 (gf)

Additional Sides

Seasonal vegetables $5

Pan seared boneless skinless chicken breast $10

Lobster Mac & Cheese. $14

*These items to be prepared to your specifications.  Washington State Law requires us to inform you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

(gf) = gluten free.