Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

Over The Moon Cafe

   Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick.

 ~Spanish Proverb

Turtle pie –  layer of carmel with pecans. layer of chocolate truffle.  fresh whipped cream. $9

Individual German Chocolate Cake, and as an added bonus, its gluten free and no one would ever guess….who doesn’t like their very one layer cake….sharable of course  $10 GF

Grannysmith Apple bread pudding with our bourbon ginger sauce, finished with lemon cream. $10

House made bourbon vanilla ice cream. $8 GF

Gluten Free, dairy free, nut free and sugar free “cheesecake” made with coconut butter, organic raw honey, mango, peaches, pineapple and strawberries in a crust made of ground dates, coconut flour and coconut flakes.  Finished with whipped coconut cream.  $12  DF/GF/NF/SF

Pumpkin “pie” topped with salted caramel and finished with fresh whipped cream.  $7 GF

Enjoy – Deanna

 GF = Gluten Free   DF = Dairy Free  NF = Nut Free  SF = Sugar Free